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Any web developer can build a functional landing page, but “functional” can also equate to “worthless”. Yes, the contact form will work, and if you are lucky, it may even look decent. Unfortunately, an effective landing page is much more than functionality and looks.

The general purpose of a landing page is to make users take an action on your website, whether it be to buy, sign-up or click. Much thought is put into the landing pages that converts: intentions, design, strategy and chemical X (we’ll talk about it later).

There is no one-way, quick, and easy formula for landing pages as each target audience, product/service, and action to be taken will change the optimal design for your landing page.

Today, we will go over industry standards and practical tips to engineering an effective landing page. At LA Consilium we offer expert landing page services, and we are dedicated to informing and servicing our partners with the best tips and strategies we implement for their success. Let’s get to it.

The CTA (Call To Action)

Being one of the most important factors in user engagement, the call to action has to be well understood and implemented. It’s color, shape, and even border-radius all affect its performance. First off, the CTA must be placed strategically, and this means placing it where it best performs and not where it looks best. The actual CTA element (shape, color, radius) is important but equally as important is what it says.

I’ve seen landing pages where the marketer wants users to click somewhere so they place a CTA that says “click here”. And that’s horrible, why would I click there? Remember, before any action is taken make sure to inform users that there is a value to be received by clicking, submitting etc.

Be Relevant

If you made the person click on your ad by stating “Free Product” and you don’t have a free product, forget it, you can throw away your sales funnel. As a rule of thumb, if your initial interaction with the customer is not consistent throughout the entirety of your sales funnel, your wasting your money. Don’t waste your time, and tailor your sales funnel to a specific target audience. You can’t have a multi-purpose demigod sales funnel.

Stay Above the Fold

You don’t have your users attention for very long (approx. 15 seconds), make sure your message is at the top of the page, loud and clear (H1 type loud). Honestly, this point is common sense, users don’t go in to your website and search for your selling points. Either you give it to them straight away or they hit the back button and keep scrolling over “cute kitten” photos on Facebook.


Landing page development is involved and intentional, and no template will do you any good unless you customize it appropriately. Understanding why landing pages exist will help in building one; landing pages serve to engage and persuade users to take an action. Every sales funnel should have one, and it should be the cream/extract of what your funnel intends to accomplish.

Bonus Section :

I’ll end by showing you what our landing pages at LA Consilium look like before visual design: Chemical X Formula.

What do we want users to do?

To submit a form.

What is the user looking for? (We know this based on the message/ad that we placed to get them on our Landing Page)

Exclusive information on making money online.

How will we convince them to sign-up? (We use the previous answer to better decide how we will do this)

We¬† will provide users with an exclusive LA Consilium subscriber copy of the e-book “Top 5 well kept strategies to a successful online business” if they submit the form.

Now, in my experience if the user wanted more information on how to develop a successful online business, they will in fact submit the form and sell their soul using this strategy.

At LA Consilium we can get you the results YOU want for your business. We don’t cut corners but we are a little sneaky, we do our own research and we don’t go by the status quo. We don’t just offer digital marketing, we offer digital marketing that works. There’s a difference, as you’ll soon learn. Give us a call or contact us through email and empower your business with a rad group of marketing geniuses (toot our horns, we must.)
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