Social Media Management – Increasing Business Traffic By Over 37% Using SMM

Increasing Business Traffic Using Social Media In 2018

Being a competitive business has been redefined by the digital age, and staying on top of new digital trends is imperative to the success of businesses. In this blog posting, we will go over and describe tips and strategies to implement a successful social media management plan. After reading this post, you will be familiarised with fundamental social media concepts that make a business competitive and successful in 2018. This posting is intended for non-technical business owners that wish to wield the power of the digital age without being a web guru.

As a business owner, you are probably overwhelmed by the much attention operations need at your business; that’s why the tips discussed here are low cost and practical. Better yet, we will discuss concepts that can be easily implemented by business owners like you without the aid of a digital marketing expert. Increasing traffic to a business is an involved process, and I’m here to make sure you waste no time and get things done right at little to no cost.

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Social Media Presence

A social media presence refers to the different profiles and account on social media users can find your business on. The effectiveness and importance of a social media presence will vary depending on the demographics of your business (audience), but in almost every business a social media presence is necessary. The reason for this is the potential for recurring engagement with the people that matter to your business, and what better way to remind customers that your business is active and ready to serve their needs than to post on their social feed. It’s simple to setup up a social media presence as most social media companies streamline the process for you.

Steps To Take For A Successful Social Media Campaign

  • Decide what social media matter most to your business (e.g. professional services = LinkedIn, Yelp, etc. or Restaurant = VIRTUALLY ALL SOCIAL MEDIA)
  • Setup a profile on all the social media you decided on pursuing a presence in
  • Add relevant content that you know will appeal to your audience (promos, events, new services, etc.)
  • Find your audience – (e.g. have your customer follow and like your when they come in your shop or have the platform do it for you based on your demographic, location & services)
  • Continuously update your social media presence so your audience knows your business is alive and ready to serve!

A Practical Example on How A Luxury Window Tint Shop Would Implement A Successful Social Media Campaign

Like I mentioned before, social media, in the beginning, can be an involved process but the benefits are undisputed and surely used by your competition. Let’s take a look at how a window tint shop can implement these steps to increase the traffic to one of our onsight location in Washington D.C.

Research Which Social Media Works For Your Business

Why start from scratch? Our competition is probably already on some social media, let’s take a look at them. We find that they are appealing to their audience with special deals and lifetime warranty to increase their business traffic, this is a good start. We know what their customers react to and what’s working for them, GREAT! They have social media presences on Yelp!, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. That’s pretty much the first step for us, now we will create our profiles which depending on the social media will vary.

Setting Up A Social Media Profile

For the most part, setting up a social media profile is a matter of point and clicks with the exception of Yelp! which will take some verification in order to confirm the authenticity of your business (For more information on setting up a business on Yelp! visit here). Now that we have all our relevant presences setup let’s get those money producing customers to engage with our business. Again, why start from scratch? Our competitors in Washington D.C. have done the heavy lifting for us.

Don’t overlook the importance of setting up a profile with Google My Business (Better search result presence, eligibility to participate in Google Maps listing and more!). The following link by Google provides more information on attaining these benefits (Google My Business).

Create and Post Relevant Content For Your Intended Audience

Before doing anything else, let’s work on step three. Creating relevant content can be daunting, but it’s imperative to the success of your social media campaign. Undercutting and all that is great, but it has to be implemented in a strategic way. The way you do this is to be sure to know what your business offers that your competition does not. In the case of our hypothetical window tint shop, we know we use better material and offer a better lifetime guarantee service.

Clearly, our advantage is the quality of our services, and window tint being something that our audiences research heavily, quality and reliability are essential. A commercial real estate broker would not want the tinting on the office buildings he sells to be peeling off every other day, right? Great, we have our first post: Don’t let amateurs work on what gives you credibility as a professional, let our experts give you the professional look your work deserves. Clearly, we are appealing to our commercial clients, as this headline would work little for those looking for a car window tint job. For a window tint job, we could do something along the lines of “If you get stopped by authorities about our auto window tint job it’s to let you know what a great job we did”. Cheesy, but it could work! Now that we have a good idea about our content, and it’s been posted let’s proceed to step four which deals with finding your audience.

Finding Your Target Audience

Let’s head to our competitor’s social media profile and engage with their current audience by looking at who currently follows them and engages with their content. Don’t look at this as a dirty way to compete, if you can offer a better service at lower costs and better quality then you are simply satisfying an organic need in the market, opposed to stealing their customers. Also, you have the advantage of guest posting (limited to some social media) which is a legit way to offer your services to those interested. Despite the aggressive title and the irony produced by what I said prior, the following article offers great insight on how to take competitor social media scrapping to the next level:  Steal Your Competitors Followers. And hey, in the end, it’s business, ya know?


Maintaining And Growing Your Social Media Presence

This is where it would make sense to hire SMM (Social Media Management) experts, as maintaining followers engaged and interested in social media is a full-time job, literally. For educational reasons, we won’t hire an SMM expert for our window tint shop although it’s a good idea! Maintaining and growing our social media is all about consistency of posting and activity on our pages; and naturally, the more we post and actively look for followers, the better results we can expect from our SM campaign. Remember, you want to appeal to your target audience, it’s easy for businesses to lose track of what the whole point of their business social media is and start posting content that won’t drive sales but bring irrelevant traffic to their different profiles. Because any traffic is good traffic, right? No.

Use your content wisely, as it serves many purposes for your business. It filters out unwanted traffic and adds value to your followers by way of information. Every posting, image and/or video should have an intention and serve a purpose in your overall online marketing campaign/ Business objectives. If your intended audience is luxury window tint ensure that your content reflects and appeals to the interest of that demographic.

We have successfully covered the basic steps for executing a healthy social media marketing campaign. At some point, I would still recommend speaking to a Social Media Management expert to make sure you are taking advantage of all opportunities available to your business.  At LA Consilium we offer complete enterprise-level online marketing solutions at small business prices, we work with you to ensure you meet your business goals within your budget.

For more information on our services, let’s have a chat or a call: info@laconsilium.com & 844.246.7658  



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