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Small Business Website Costs

“You don’t have a website? You need a website.” Or do you? How much will a website cost you and what can it accomplish?

As a small business owner, the last thing you are worried about is making your business look “pretty”. Lowering expenses, increasing productivity, finding that quality human resource and making more sales make having a website low on the priority list. Hence, your willingness to invest in a website may be slim to none.

“You can’t not have a quality website in 2018.” Competition lurks around every corner, your customers don’t look on yellow pages for service directories they use Google and the internet to choose where they will transact. I’ve been a small business consultant to may successful businesses, and I have not seen one business being extremely profitable without having a website. Association is not causation but wouldn’t you want to be on the safe side? The most important thing on your to-do list should be a website, hands-down: searchability, reputation, credibility, authority, long-term progress, short-term progress, exposure, SEO, SMO, etc.

I can go crazy listing benefits, but the bottom line is with a website you can make a $1,200 investment into $500,000 in a matter of months. And nothing else provides that type of potentization. Not the greatest salesmen or the greatest process. 

How much does a small business website cost?
How much does a small business website cost?

Why don’t all business make $500,000 out of a $1,200 investment?

The top reason is they don’t know they can. Simple, and easy to overcome. Or is it? In the next few days, you will be engaging with countless agencies, freelancers and drop-build services and read tons of blogs in order to find your perfect website solution. Don’t worry about any of that. In this post, I will show you what you need to look for and how much should you pay for it.

Your website gains value over time. Suppose you plan on being in the industry for 10+ years, and you intend on investing in marketing and other growth tactics. Well, think of your website as a bank or a storage of value. The most cost-effective way to market a small business is through online marketing and the most important part of an online marketing campaign is ALWAYS your website.  As you gain ranking on search engines and produce a following on social media, your website will store the indirect benefits of your online efforts. Also, with a website, you can control how users perceive and interact with your business. And if implemented intelligently, this benefit could prove to be very powerful. Best point yet, would you trust a business that can’t be found online? Mmm, I don’t know, sounds sketchy!

How much will a quality website cost me?

The cost of your website and its return on investment heavily depend on the quality of the web development service you choose. I have listed the pros and cons of each alternative below, let’s take a look. 

1) Website Design Agency  ($1750 – $5000)


Agencies are great at taking a holistic approach to website development. This means they are not only making you a web presence but they are also setting you up for success. We are an Agency, LA Consilium, and we would not make any money unless our clients make money off of our solutions. It just would not work. When agencies build a website they have a team of experts each putting in their two cents to make the website work best for your particular business. Bottom line, agencies like us set you up for success because agencies can’t keep an organization running on one-time customers.

Not all agencies work in this manner, and it will take for you to research the agency to make the right decision. Each agency has their own small business website costs, we provided our own.

LA Consilium has worked with many small businesses and has proven to be reliable and consistent in delivering quality solutions. If working with an agency interest you, then reach out to us for a free small business website consultation.


Choosing the right agency and clearly communicating your needs can be difficult. Agencies, in general, will cost you a little more than other web development alternatives, but you can expect the best return on investment. Remember that $1,2o0 to $500,00? Yeah, that’s usually agencies, sorry.

2) Freelancer  ($300 – $5000)


Another option to consider, freelancers. These are web developers who choose to work independently. They usually offer better prices and can deliver quicker solutions. Their business model is not always client-success centered but they do a pretty darn good job at getting you a working website in a matter of days. Naturally, each Freelancer has a different work ethics and it takes patience and know-how to sniff out how they work before paying one red cent. With luck and patience, you might find a Freelancer who is well versed in web development, SEO and other online marketing solutions which will enable them to make your investment a lot more powerful and profitable.

Advice* Don’t pay until you are shown work. Not a portfolio or testiomonials, ask them to show you how they can meet your needs specifically. 


Working with freelancers is not an easy task as most are not responsive to your budgets and/or messages and don’t have an industry proven tracked record. A website is much more than just a “website” and most Freelance work does not hold up to the industry standard.

In my experience, using a Freelancer is time-consuming and counter-productive. Unless you find a very good website designer, you won’t get what you deserve. The issues arise because they are a one-man team: Customer service, Sales, Web Design, SEO, Marketing Managers, etc. If you can find a good freelancer then, by all means, use them, but make sure you sign something that holds them responsible. Don’t get caught up in the casual dynamic, it’s a job and it needs to get done. Small business website costs are also different between Freelancers and if you do decide to use one, shop around!

3) Visual Website Builders (Approx. $40/month)

WORST option, and do not recommend for any business… ever. The low monthly payment and pretty demos may seem enticing but don’t fall for it! The best way to ensure you’re wasting your money is to use these platforms.

Forget about SEO, a wide variety of extensions and plugins, customization and much more. Not only are you paying a fee FOREVER, but you also have no way of having real control over your website. As your business grows, your website will become increasingly valuable and if your limited to drag and drop you will rue the day your saw that Wix video on Youtube. And yes, you will have a website quickly but you will soon learn you can’t get cheap, fast and of quality. It will come back to bite, I’ve seen it too many times. As a small business consulting expert, I will rarely ever recommend using such a tool.The only exception to this is with Shopify, which can produce a working e-commerce website with ease and reliability but even then you are

Final Thoughts

Small business costs are closely associated with quality. The needs of your business, your budget and how much time you are all determining factors to what route you should take. With LA Consilium you can rest assured your website will be of the best quality and within your budget. We specialize in the growth of small businesses, give us a call and let’s talk about how you can take your business to the top with our expert online marketing bundles starting at $1,500.

For more information about our Small Business Website Costs, contact us now at +1 844-246-7658 & info@laconsilium.com 

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