How A Law Practice Can (Actually) Earn More Quality Clients – 3 Tips

How A Law Practice Can (Actually) Earn More Quality Clients – 3 Tip


Too many resources are spent dealing with the lawsuit of the century every week or with those clients who graduated from “Youtube School of Law”. Let’s go over the best ways to attract quality clients every month with 3 simple digital marketing strategies.

Us marketers have a way with laser focusing our content (ads, blog, etc.) to a specific audience, we do it because it works. If we think we can be profitable by targeting “25 year old single Asians who are balding prematurely  and have two dogs”, then we’ll find and sell to them. That’s the beauty, you have the power to attract whichever type of person, in your experience, best works for your practice.

Local SEO / Content Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the optimization of web content with the objective to rank for particular keywords. Content marketing is the content for which we do SEO, the content will rank on Google and it’s all thanks to the SEO we implement.

A great way to understand SEO and Content Marketing by understanding why I wrote this article. At LA Consilium we offer lawyers and law firms with dedicated online marketing services that provide transparent results, so what better way to attract those in need of said service then by answering some of their Google queries? That’s Content marketing. SEO is the process with which I ranked first for your search query on Google.

I don’t have to go out and call lawyers to see if they need more clients. This is called inbound marketing, your preferred clients come to you, and if you manage to streamline this process, oh, you’ve won. No other lawyer is thinking or doing SEO/CM in your area, I’m 99% sure of it.

If I was a lawyer, I would be everyone’s first option in my area (Northern Virginia). That means I would have more business then all lawyers in Northern Virginia. Most lawyers don’t have SEO efforts in place and lack a presence on Google for any service in any area. Google is not your friend, Google is a tool that can be used to build your empire or destroy your practice. Don’t let your competition leverage SEO/Content Marketing against you, lay down the law.

Law firm digital marketing in Virginia is a lot easier than in other states. The industry has not yet adapted to local SEO in Virginia as in other States.

If you feel you could benefit from these strategies and don’t have enough time to implement them yourself, give us a ring (844.246.7658) or contact us below.


Pay Per Click Advertising (Caution)


Google’s ad platform: Google Ads

All major search engines (Google, Bing, etc) provide advertising platforms where businesses can place their ads as shown above. Unlike Social Media Advertising, search engines ads are triggered (shown) based on intent, meaning the best way to use the platform effectively is to know your best clients intentions when they walk through your door. Is it to inform themselves or to gauge your quality and expertise? Regardless of what may work for you, Search Engines allow you to target clients based on intent and demographic.

Let’s say you work on traffic violations and you want to capture those high paying customers by specific case, demographic and search intent, well Google, for example, let’s you do that. You see the caution at the start of this section? It’s well warranted, as you can spend hundreds of dollars pointlessly if you don’t do the following: Build an ideal client persona.

Think about how they’ll search for your service or what their major concern is and condense it all into your PPC ad campaign. At LA Consilium we don’t start to advertise right away, we are experts and we know how important gathering data is to not completely wasting our client’s ad budget. If you decide to run your own PPC ad campaign, make sure you do as we do.

Your campaign is as successful as you make it, and PPC advertising is known for being a lucrative paid strategy. Follow the best practices outlined in the following post: How To Do PPC The Right Way or What Is PPC Campaign Management?

Don’t want to spend time optimizing your PPC campaigns or managing your ads? Let us do the heavy lifting for you while your reap the rewards.


Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising - How It All Comes Together
Social Media Advertising – Targeting & Usage

Although PPC and Social Media Advertising (SMA) are all advertising, they serve different objectives. Remember, PPC is largely about intent or need and SMA is primarily about who they are.

Let’s analyze the chart above. When building your your ideal persona on social media ads, remember that you can’t just use demographic and behavior to target those quality clients. You must take a holistic approach to your social media marketing efforts; it’s about building a campaign that zeros in to the mind of those who serve your business best. To do this you must have a clear picture of your ideal persona, the rest is easy.

Here’s a guide on how to use social media (without ads) to create a steady stream of quality clients: On Social Media Management and Increasing Your Customer Traffic and Quality.


Final Thoughts

You can’t just advertise and expect great results. A large part of advertising is about research, comparison and ability to adapt.

I taught you how to gain more clients but not on how to make sure they are of quality or at least those who you prefer to transact with. Remember all that about the ideal persona?  If you do it correctly, you will simultaneously build a marketing campaign that brings in leads and be of the quality you want. It takes effort and intention, but if you manage to do it right you will set your practice up for success. You control how many leads you bring in and what their quality is with the audience you choose to target.

At LA Consilium we offer you enterprise-grade solutions for law firms and practices to succeed. We plan, implement and execute winning strategies that deliver the results you need on your time. Contact us today @ (844) 246-7658 to learn more about our business services.



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