Healthcare Marketing Trends 2018

healthcare marketing trends 2018

Health Care Marketing trends 2018


Fundamentally, healthcare marketing trends 2018 are no different than in 2017, but certain tools and strategies have changed the way local businesses (e.g. Healthcare Professionals) gain clients. It’s no secret that online marketing is the most cost-effective way for local businesses to get their services known locally, nationally and internationally. Today we will discuss what you can do in 2018 to get your business/practice at the top.A website is a MUST! No if, ands, or buts. When it comes to properly implement any online marketing effort a quality website goes without mention.  Regardless of what you think, your website will make any investment in online-marketing 10x more worthwhile. Think about it. Would you be convinced to go to a medical practice that has a beautiful ad which leads you to a broken website?

I Sure Wouldn’t! But a website does not need to break the bank. A quality website should run you around $1,200. No bells and whistles though. 

Assuming the website has been taken care of, we can talk about getting exposure. Having a business/website/Profile means nothing if you don’t have avenues to get your content out there.


Content Marketing

Producing relevant content to your practice is one of the best ways to build an audience. What’s the point? Well, if you can attract your target audience with low investment then why not? By writing a short article entry on your website you could secure first place on Google Search Engine Ranking Page. What’s your go-to tool when searching for a service? Yes, Google. And not only yours, but most clients/patients as well.

For example, your practice is in Northern Virginia and you are interested in getting exposure to people looking for a doctor. With content marketing, you can ensure that when they search for “5 Star Dermatologist in Northern Virginia” you will be the first result on Google. You get the idea, but for more information on how to implement Content marketing view a guide on creating content marketing strategies appropriately. 

Why has Content Marketing Changed?

Google and other search engines want to serve there users at a more local level. Meaning if you manage to become a content authority for your area, you can expect to be at the top in terms of SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages).



SEO and content marketing are closely related. Content marketing is the act of producing content to attract an audience using inbound methodologies, but SEO is the optimization of said content to rank well on search engines. SEO is the implementation of well-known or new optimization strategies for search engines. A good SEO strategy will make your content marketing efforts all the more lucrative.

I would not recommend anyone without knowledge to employ SEO strategies, it is always better to pay an expert for the following reasons: 1) SEO is time-consuming 2) SEO is complex and takes expertise to do correctly 3) SEO can be expensive 4) SEO services can be bought for low prices. Why spend your valuable time on something someone else could do for a fraction of the cost and time?

Why has SEO changed?

For the same reason as content marketing, search engines are starting to prioritize service who meet the users/searchers need at a more local level. With this information, you can optimize your strategies to increase exposure and sustainability.

Although many other changes have come up in 2018, these are the mains ones. Businesses will be affected by these changes as the years progresses and it will be wise to optimize for these preferences by search engines. For more detailed changes in healthcare marketing trends 2018, keep posted to our blog and take your business to the TOP!

Final Thoughts

Why are these the most important changes in 2018 for healthcare marketing? Well, first they are the most profitable with so little investment and they are extremely powerful for long and short-term growth. And second, Google has moved to a more local approach to services, which means if you can take advantage of this you don’t have to compete with those using enterprise-grade marketing services but with your local competition who probably isn’t even paying attention to leveraging Google’s search results. LA Consilium is on top of all healthcare marketing trends for 2018, and we want to leverage our knowledge to make sure your competition doesn’t have chance this year.

At LA Consilium we offer healthcare marketing/advertising services that make you money. Our experts are dedicated to taking health care practices to the top, and we are eager to find out how we can help you. Contact us today at (844) 246 7658.

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