Content Marketing – Writing Content The Right Way

Writing Content The Right Way

Posting content and getting it out on the web is a great way to fine-tune your SEO strategy and acquire qualified leads. Virtually all businesses will benefit from this form of marketing (content marketing), and once content has been written and posted it generates traffic for as long as it’s available.

The issues arise when content marketing is used incorrectly, being such a time and resource consuming strategy, content marketing has to be implemented right from the get-go. And that’s what we will go over in this blog entry, a guide to effective and appropriate implementation of a content marketing strategy.

Every Piece Of Content Should Add Value To Your Target Audience

This point seems like it is common sense, right? Unfortunately, common sense is the least common of the senses. Businesses often implement a content marketing strategy and completely miss the purpose of having it in the first place.

All the content I provide to my viewers is with the intention to inform, not entertain. Why? Because I am not in the business of generating traffic, no matter the quantity, I am interested in informing my target audience. I’d prefer one hundred viewers that click on my blog because they want to learn more about concepts related to the services I provide than one thousand that only click for a quick laugh, etc. My acquisition strategy and my sales funnel are tailored for a specific audience, and they would prove ineffective for any other.

Now, to inform is the best strategy for my business, but you could legitly be in the business of gaining traffic (AdSense, affiliate marketing, News); in these cases, you have a lot of flexibility in how you implement your content marketing strategy, but the principle is still the same, produce content for your target audience.

Content marketing serves many indirect purposes (SEO, Brand Awareness, etc) but the main purpose is to attract qualified traffic to your business.

What Is My Target Audience?

You are making it easy for me. Simple, ask yourself what type of person would be interested in what you have to offer, and what questions and concerns they might have. After you have made a mental profile of your audience, choose your topics based on it. For instance, if you are a lawyer,  you might conclude that your future prospects, before calling or reaching out to any lawyer about a possible lawsuit they will inquire on Google on what are the costs associated and payment options available to them. Done, your target audience for your next posting is those who are looking to file a lawsuit but are worried about the financials associated with filing.

In general, for business, your target audience is people who currently or could in the future have a need for your services. 

What Content Should I Write?

Now that we have a target audience, we can choose a topic that’s appropriate. We know our target audience has a main concern, which is the financial aspect of filing a lawsuit, and our content should address that concern. Almost like magic, we uncover the topic of our content: Filing a Lawsuit: General Costs And Payments Options.

Before deciding on a topic, make sure your content is suitable for your target audience.

Where Should I Post My Content?

You can post your content virtually anywhere, but make sure you have an acquisition effort in place. Providing value to your target audience is great and all, but your intention goes beyond just informing, in the end, it’s about reaching out to new clients and there should be a mechanism to acquire them. I post my articles on social media, website blog sections, and other websites, but I always either direct them to my acquisition funnel, talk about who we are and the services we offer or at least leave our contact information and a link to an appropriate landing page.

Don’t just add a link or talk about your services, also add a CTA (call to action) to motivate users to engage with your resources (e.g. Speak To One Of Our Experts To Find Out More).  

What Benefits Should I Expect From My Content?

Hard to say, but content marketing is a proven strategy for businesses to increase business traffic. Assuming the content marketing strategy is correctly implemented you can expect to see an increase in SEO, brand awareness, ROI (return on investment) and business traffic.


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