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Website Design Fundamentals For Businesses

Your website is the show-window of your organization, and it should engage users in a way that promotes their interest to browse through the different sections and menus, as to familiarize them with the operations carried out and the services provided. Although it is hard to control how users interact with your site, it is common practice to influence and appeal to users using standard design practices and trends.

Before focusing on the aesthetics of website design and development, a quality website should implement the following at its core: mobile friendliness, social media channel linkage, cross-browser compatibility, structured/organized content and accessibility. All of these are beneficial for both user experience, and SEO as search engines look for sites that will best cater to their users’ needs best.

In this blog post, we will go over the essential design standards and trends that will enhance your website’s user experience.

The Overall design is the first impression

Your overall website design and layout will give users the first impression of your business, and it’s essential for it to portray the good qualities of your business (organized, responsible, modern, professional, etc.). Different factors like a pleasing layout, appropriate placement of text and images, correct usage of white space, well-organized view of content with headings and sub-headings, suitably placed columns, etc., are all crucial to how users perceive and experience your website and company.

Choose a suiting mix of colors, images, and fonts.

Your website should aim to encourage users to click and read the most content possible on it. It should have a cohesive design, as not to confuse users when navigating its different sections and menus. Always try to select high-quality images or use captioned animated videos related to the objective of your website; it will help your users understand and also aid in your SEO efforts. Maintaining a cohesive design is crucial to creating a brand and establishing credibility; the more your logo, web presence and social media match each other the more likely it is to look like a complete corporate identity and less like loosely linked individual pages.

Facilitate Further Navigation

Once you have boosted the interest of your user through an engaging homepage design, you should look towards maintaining their attention by offering them a smooth navigation experience; this can be accomplished by logically structuring your content in a way that allows users to experience your website with a flowing dynamic.  A significant part of achieving the needed cohesiveness and reducing overall bulkiness of a website is identifying different sections and categories of a page with color, font or positioning; this allows users to better understand the structure and organization of your website without spending too much time looking.

Implement Call To Actions

If everything is in place and you provide your user with a pleasant experience through smooth navigation and browsing elements, the next step should be how to turn their tentative interest in your product or service into a final decision to go for it. For this I recommend that on every page of interest (landing page, product page, service prices, etc.) you make sure to display a button saying – “Book an appointment now” or “Book a free trial,” seeing this will prompt users to act and onboard them to your sales funnel.

When optimizing your sales funnel and your call to actions, know that retention and clickthrough rates can be negative all while providing the users a great user experience; this is due to the nature of the traffic you are bringing to your website. You can develop a website that will convert great for discounted dress shoes but performs horrendously for premium dress shoes. The bottom line is, your marketing efforts and your design (CTA, fonts, content, etc.) should be aligned and appealing to the same audience.

What are you waiting for? A quality website will not fall out of the sky, but with our expertise and experience, it can be as easy.

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